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What is Flash Tuning?
Flash tuning involves altering the parameters within your ECU. This done by reading the code stored in your ECU , altering and and writing it back on. In very simplistic form its like updating your PC software. If flash tuning your ECU it is recommend to check the air full ratios.

What is Custom Tuning?
Custom Tuning involves setting your car up on a Dyno and tuning your ECU to maximise your cars performance to suit your modifications and requirements.

Can my car be retuned?
If your car has a OBD2 port it can be returned. Normally cars later than 2003, If not we install a Halltech ECU and can then retune your car.

Which brake compound should I use?
Carbotech have road and track compounds for all cars. Our road compound is 1521, Road and Track AX6, Track range is the XP series compounds.

How fast will my car go?
Everyone asks what the top speed of a race car is. The truth is the ability to stop quick carry speed thru corners and accelerate quickly is far more important in racing. Therefore Brakes, Suspension, than Horsepower is the order we recommend to improve your car.

Why choose MX5?
Value for money, bang for buck, there is no car in the world that can compete with a MX5. This is why weekly more MX5 are raced world wide than any other model.
The MX5 car clubs are great fun and offer great social events and track days for you to enjoy your MX5.

There is no such thing as TOO MUCH HORSEPOWER